We are a consulting group specialized in programs and cultural management services based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Made up of young professionals, a team of cultural management, production and administration specialists, with wide experience in this field.

Who is EME?

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Cultural management training

We develop diverse programs and formats of training in order to answer and satisfy the specializing needs and the challenges in the field of management that people in charge, members and participants of projects, programs and cultural organizations have to face.

We design, coordinate and contribute to the production of articles, studies, reports, tools and any other technical, educative and managing resource needed to communicate and promote the fulfillment of cultural and creative projects, programs and organizations.

Baked by our experience and knowledge of the field, at EME we orientate and accompany the professional performance of cultural managers and entrepreneurs, promoting assistance, advice and coaching schemes for the development and management of more innovating, productive and sustainable projects, programs y organizations.

We design, coordinate and manage the integral cycle of programs, services, products and activities specialized in the cultural management field.